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Life Swap Meme

You wake up, and you're living a different life. Whatever you had before, whatever you'd accomplished before, is gone. In their place is something familiar, but not the same. Maybe your friends are your enemies, your enemies your friends. Maybe it's the whole world, maybe it's just your household. The only thing you know for sure is that something's changed, and you're the only one who's noticed. But who changed? Them... or you?

1. Domestic bliss. You may not be used to being married to this person or anyone, but now you are. Who are they? Someone you know? Someone you don't know at all? Whatever it is, you seem to have made a life together here.

2. Black is white, white is black. Whatever side you used to work for, you don't anymore. Your friends may have just become your enemies (or maybe they're there with you, working for a cause that you remember as wrong wrong wrong). You might want to step lightly here, though. No one likes an apparent defector. 

3. Career changes. Well, your resume's really fucked now. The job you've been doing for the last x years? Never happened. Your awesome space marines team now work at a Wendy's. Or a bookstore. Or maybe you and your retail buddies are now saving the galaxy. Who knows? Whatever, hope you pick up new skills quick!

4. Pet platoon. Oh christ, now you're not even the same species. Your life has been reinterpreted into animal-life. Whatever, human life sucks anyway. Go chase a squirrel!

5. Back in time. Most of the details are same, it's just the setting that's changed. Did you live in 2000? Hope you like the 1800s! Good luck with that whole 'no indoor plumbing thing'.

6. The time of my life. You've seen this movie. One minute you're living pretty as a twelve-year-old, next minute it's eighteen years later and you have to hold down a job. Or maybe you've just been slingshoted to when you were younger. At least you'll totally breeze through algebra this time, right?

7. Wildcard. Make up your own, suggest your own. Do whatever you want. The universe is yours! (Sorta.)
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At one time, for a brief period, she wouldn't have considered being as affectionate as she was with him. She was still careful with it at times but somehow he had wormed his way past her walls as well. It was unnerving at times to consider how much she wanted and needed him around but the truth was that she did. Hell, she had taken on all of Black Badge to try getting him back and she would do it again without hesitation.

Playing it casual as well, she continued to watch him closely as he eased back as well. Then he was telling her that he had been on the truck leaving Purgatory and that was the last thing he remembered. Which meant that she was a few weeks ahead of him somehow, frowning softly. "But that's...."

She paused, shaking her head as she tried to comprehend what was going on but waking up where they were was what they would have to focus on more than a difference in time. "I can do that but what kind of demon could do this sort of thing?"
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There were times when his undivided attention made her squirm under the weight of his gaze, often leaving her to feel like he was seeing more than she wanted him to see. It also made her worry what he would think once he knew all the things she hated for people to know.

"I do." She told him, her throat tight with a wave of emotion as she thought back to that day and everything that had happened. Finding out the truth about Willa, seeing what her sister had intended to do and having to stop it? Losing Dolls that day had been the sour cherry on a really fucked up sundae. Swallowing thickly, she nodded slowly as she fought back the urge to cry for no damn reason. Or well, tons of reasons.

"Black Badge took you and it took us awhile to find you but we did. A friend of yours led us to you." A pause. "Eliza."