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Xavier Dolls ([personal profile] hugh_hefner) wrote in [community profile] the_matrix 2017-07-11 04:02 pm (UTC)

“Good to see you, Earp.” Not ‘Wynonna’ or ‘Mrs Dolls’ or anything that he’d probably say if he believed they were a normal married couple in Purgatory. …As much as anyone could be normal anything in Purgatory. Maybe that was the strangest thing about all of this; the theme seemed some ideology of a normal town. “Wasn’t sure you were in on this stepford wives deal in town. Figured that’d get an honest response out of you."

He might not have heard her soft snort but the rambling that came after had given Wynonna away. Xavier didn’t hold the stoic gaze on his face from initially arriving. There was a softness at the realization that she was the woman he knew. A lot of things were left unsaid the last they’d seen each other. He didn’t miss that whatever this was, it’d given them something of a second chance to say their goodbyes.

“What’s the last thing you remember?” he asked and handed off the coffee then went to sipping his. She looked like herself. Xavier liked to think he’d know her anywhere, even if the darkness inside of him went uncontrolled. His pulse skipped at the thought. He had no idea if there was still that part of him or if this was some kind of subconscious state that Black Badge had put him under. He fully believed no matter what else he might envision, Wynonna would be Wynonna.

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