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Wynonna Earp ([personal profile] stupidforgiveness) wrote in [community profile] the_matrix 2017-07-11 09:22 am (UTC)

While the temptation to run off had been strong, Wynonna recognized the fact that she couldn't go running around Purgatory in next to nothing for clothes. So she found some panties and a bra (ones that actually matched, wtf), a pair of jeans and a faded black t-shirt that had a school logo that she didn't recognize. It didn't even cross her mind to think that it was too big for her. She simply knotted it in the back and made her way back downstairs to figure out what to do next.

She was in the middle of reading the note when she heard a vehicle pull up in front of the house. Hurrying to the window, she leaned forward to watch as the driver door swung open and Dolls climbed out. Almost immediately her heart was in her throat and racing as she watched him. There was a part of her that was relieved and even happy at the sight of him but there was also a cowardly part that wanted her to run.

Staying where she was, she reminded herself to breathe slowly as she listened to him move up the front step and finally through the front door after he got it unlocked. Hoping she didn't look as pale and shaky as she felt, she turned to look at him even as she heard the call.

Which was so ridiculous that she actually snorted softly. "Seriously? That's what married you says?"

Oops, maybe not the right response. Shit.

"I'm in here." She called out louder, hoping he didn't hear the first comment and then she frowned to herself before adding. "Uh, honey? Sweetheart? Baby...doll."

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