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Xavier Dolls ([personal profile] hugh_hefner) wrote in [community profile] the_matrix 2017-07-11 07:23 am (UTC)

There was no doubt about it in Xavier’s mind. Purgatory had lost its mind and demons were behind it. He’d woken up hours earlier next to Wynonna with no memory of how they ended up in bed together. He wasn’t the type to sleep naked yet there he was cuddled up to his deputy with without a shred of clothes between them. In the closet, once he’d found underwear in a drawer, was a Purgatory Sheriff’s Office uniform in his size.

He refused to get dressed in it, opting for a t-shirt and jeans instead. Wynonna barely stirred in the time he spent searching. She continued to snore softly as he left the house in search for answers. He’d left a note for her by the coffee pot, certain that’d be her first stop once she stopped freaking out. Dolls wasn’t sure if she’d remember life before or was part of this elaborate rouse.

There were no Black Badge or US Marshalls credentials anywhere to be found. No blacked out SUV at his disposal or any phone number for him to call on the device closest to the side he’d slept in on the bed. No sign of Waverly in the house but there were two cats who demanded his attention and only calmed once he’d found kibble to put in their bowls. Xavier didn’t even try to guess their names. He refused to read the bowls that were obviously theirs.

As strange as the house was, it still held familiarity. As did the faces in the pictures fixed to the fridge. Dolls ran water in the kitchen sink and washed his face but nothing changed. He grabbed keys off the table near the entrance and headed out in what seemed to be his patrol car. Driving into town hadn’t helped matters any. The same people, including Bobo, but no hint of demons that Xavier could note.

All that was left was to return to where his day began. He stopped by the coffee shop and picked up a coffee for Wynonna. Either she’d be as delusional as everyone else in Purgatory or his only chance at finding a way out of crazy town. Sheriff Haught only asked him to check in later and update her on how Wynonna was doing. The Heir had been his excuse for staying home from work. Xavier pushed through the door after unlocking it and called out…

“Honey… I’m home!"

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